mindfulness seed audiomseed iconsmall7Based in Perth Australia, Fiona Gauntlett offers mindfulness services to children and adolescents as well as adults, in private, community and school settings. Fiona's work encompasses facilitation of mindfulness sessions as well as program development in a strictly secular context. She has trained hundreds of teachers, school psychologists and counsellors in her programs for youth which are now being implemented in a range of ways with thousands of Australian students. 


          All the flowers of all the tomorrows

          are in the seeds of today.

                                                 Indian proverb


Mindfulness can be described simply as awareness. It is an innate human capacity - a seed within each one of us. By cultivating the skill of sustained attention, we can nurture this seed into growth and fruitfulness. 

We can pay attention to the world around us – what we can perceive through our senses. And we can pay attention to our interior world - to our thoughts and feelings and physical sensations.

Mindfulness is about gently opening to our experience, moment by moment, with tenderness and curiosity. With greater awareness, we are able to consciously respond to life, rather than reacting in an automatic or habitual way. Mindfulness gives us the opportunity to develop insight, make new choices in our lives and find quietness and stillness – even in difficult circumstances.

We can also use the practice of mindfulness to facilitate acceptance and nurture intrinsic human qualities such as kindness and compassion. 

Welcome to Mindfulness Seed. In this moment lies the seed for the future you wish to grow . . .